Marketing Strategies

Marketing is no longer the Mad Men of old, with flashy campaigns only getting you so far.  Taking a holistic, systematic and continuous approach to marketing will offer both tangible and intangible benefits; like customer connection, brand loyalty, employee satisfaction, productivity and revenue growth opportunities, creating a sustainable business future.

An effective marketing strategy will create healthy environments to have valuable conversations with employees, customers, channel partners and stakeholders.  This will help your business to make informed decisions on what is important and why, areas for improvement and the opportunities to extend your reach to new customers, markets, products and partners.

Shaping a successful marketing strategy we believe has six important factors

  1. Defined value proposition, understanding your business operating model and what success looks like
  2. Knowing your market – through research, situation and SWOT analysis, knowledge of competitors, market segmentation and opportunities for growth
  3. Understanding the customer, their key drivers and expectations to define your customer centric culture
  4. Defining your points of difference, product and/or service offering
  5. Engagement and communications of employees and key stakeholders
  6. Understanding your brand and brand management strategy

The Services We Offer

  • Marketing and Business Strategy Development and Planning
  • Brand Loyalty, Reputation, Positioning and Engagement Strategies
  • Internal Communications and Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Customer Experience and Customer Engagement Frameworks
  • Leadership, Relationship Management and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Marketing and Communications Creative and Campaign Management

Employee Engagement

We are witnessing an era for businesses around the world in which engaging employees makes the difference between success and failure.

In today’s business environment the orgnisations that understand their people, create two-way conversations and connect with, are the ones that most likely  to succeed.  It is through people that you create unique customer experiences, build brand value and loyalty and this will set you apart from the competition.

Creating a workplace environment that is interested in individual needs, has an authentic communication style and offers opportunities for people to help shape and support strategic objectives, will be rewarded with an inspired and motivated team that will constantly look for new opportunities to enhance performance.

The only way to truly understand what employees look for from an employee engagement strategy is to start asking.  When you understand what truly matters to people, you can shape a total work experience (not just an environment) that drives higher levels of engagement and business success.  Find out what people value the most, listen, take action and measure results.

The Services We Offer

  • Employee Engagement Strategy Development and Planning
  • Employee Engagement Survey, Analysis and Benchmarking
  • Workplace Anatomy, Employee Insights and Key Drivers Modeling
  • Culture, Vision, Values and Behaviours Concept Strategies
  • Leadership and Employee Engagement, Mentoring and Support
  • Communications Planning, Creative Design and Campaign Management

Customer Experience

Creating a unique and consistent experience, where the customer feels valued, interactions are authentic, genuine and will be rewarded with their trust, loyalty and connection to your brand.

To maximise this potential, you need to begin with a strong customer centric culture that inspires employees to create lasting customer relationships through awareness and understanding of customer needs and drivers. It identifies opportunities for improvement and will define your point of difference.

To maximise this potential, a successful strategy will encourage your customers to interact and share in the experiences you create for them.  It creates an opportunity to engage and continue in the ongoing conversation and relationship. It endorses and promotes your brand, shapes customer insights intelligence, enhances employee engagement levels and strengthens sustained business growth.

The Services We Offer

  • Customer Experience and Engagement Strategy Development and Planning
  • Customer Centric Culture Design
  • Customer Relationship Management System Development
  • Customer Insights and Key Drivers Modeling
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Engagement Frameworks
  • Communications Planning, Creative Design and Campaign Management
  • Relationship Management and Stakeholder Engagement
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