Our Culture

Our culture is about learning something new every day, exploring thought and asking questions, to help us grow as individuals and as a team.
We challenge ourselves to think differently, try new things, to be creative and to inspire.
We listen, we share ideas, knowledge and experience, to shape solutions together as a team. We value, respect and trust one another, our customers and our partners.
We believe people are an asset and it is through people that you create positive customer experiences. This belief is the heart of Electric Fish and it is what drives us each and every day.

Rebecca Churchill

Electric Fish Director, Rebecca Churchill has over twenty years’ business leadership experience, with over nine years specialising in communications and marketing.  Rebecca brings a unique skill set to customers through her knowledge and experience in local and international business and financial management and supports customers with their return on investment through her commercial acumen.

Rebecca engages with, listens to and collaborates with customers to understand strategic objectives, current challenges and the desired outcome, to develop tailored solutions that deliver the right results.

Rebecca is an inspiring leader who works with people to maximise their leadership potential and engages across teams to identify key talent to support culture change.

Rebecca focuses on end to end marketing strategies that harnesses thought, is an idea creator, inspires people to shift mindset, creates conversation and delivers concepts that tell a compelling story.

Rebecca is experienced in delivering award winning end-to-end marketing strategies that have enhanced culture, brand reputation and customer experience.

Rebecca is passionate about building relationships that connect people to the business, creates culture, communication and engagement, to deliver unique and positive customer and stakeholder experiences.

Elin Marksen

Electric Fish Customer Specialist, Elin Marksen has over ten years’ experience in the customer services industry. Elin has lead frontline facing teams to arise awareness of and improve customer experience and satisfaction results.

Elin has the ability to understand people and drivers, to develop solutions and communicates in a way that connects employees and customers to the business.

Elin is committed to working with customers to build an in-depth understanding of strategic objectives, culture and current levels of engagement.  This supports the design of tailor-made solutions that create authentic conversations and enhance positive customer experiences.

For Elin, the key is to engage, educate and provide the right tools for people to deliver exceptional service and creates a healthy workplace culture that connects people to the business and leadership.

Gordon Brown

Electric Fish Engagement Specialist, Gordon Brown has over thirty years’ experience in leadership.  Gordon has lead senior management to frontline facing teams and has the ability to connect with people from across all walks of life.

Gordon is a highly skilled and experienced civil engineer and has been involved with teams of over 100 people to deliver long-term collaborative maintenance contracts.  Engaging with, focusing on, and developing people has been key.  Gordon is highly skilled in bringing people on the journey, to deliver transformation and culture change.  Gordon is and influential people and leadership coach.

Gordon’s communication style is compelling that delivers a relevant and consistent message, tailored to the audience and aligned to strategic objectives.

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