There are hundreds of thousands of books and millions of articles that have been written on employee engagement.  This highlights the complexity and diversity that comes with the subject.

What makes employee engagement exciting is there really is, no one size fits all approach.  This can be challenging for businesses wanting to embark on their employee engagement journey, just where do you start?

If I can offer one piece of advice, employee engagement is about people, culture and leadership and it is these three important factors that are completely unique to every business.  What works for one, does not necessarily another.  Take the time to engage and to listen, to what is important, and why?  This is your best place to start.

People are your greatest asset, and they will tell you want they want to see and hear and areas for improvement. Take it slow and remember this is a long-term strategy, focus on the little things that could make the biggest difference first.

Make your employee engagement strategy about what is important to your team and this will have greater meaning and relevance.  Demonstrate you believe by delivering on those things that matter and this will create a stronger connection to you and to your business.

So why don’t you start asking today?