For a customer experience that is priceless.

Creating memorable customers experiences that people talk about with family and friends is worth more than any external marketing campaign and it costs nothing.

If I could turn back time I would be in Hersonissos, Greece thanking one woman who made my trip unforgettable. To no benefit to herself and without being asked to do, she without a doubt did everything she possibly could to make my stay perfect.

I was without a reservation in the peak of summer when I walked into her hotel, shocked to see me on my own and on foot, she instantly acknowledged me, helped me, made me laugh and assured me that everyone in the establishment would assist me in any way possible. True to her word they did.

She demonstrated to me how much belief, integrity, pride and ownership one person can have in their work. I believe she was driven to deliver, because she genuinely cared about her customers, the people she worked for and the people she worked with.

The price of the hotel would never compare to what I would pay to have that customer experience again.

The price you pay is nothing, the experience you receive is priceless.