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We have compiled a library of resources created by electric fish for you to share or download.

Strategic models

People focused design

This people focused model is designed to highlight the fundamentals needed to transform the way teams operate and where people at the heart of the strategy.
Electric Fish

Creating High Preforming Teams

The overarching strategic model for creating high performing teams across the business to build organisational success.
Electric Fish
Electric Fish

Reshaping Organisational Culture

Steps, actions, and processes we apply to strategies, designed to shift ways of thinking, and reach desired levels of engagement to achieve an embedded organisational wide culture change.

Customer experience success strategy:

A visual road map of internal behaviours and drivers that promote, connect and align people the customer experience strategy.

Customer focused culture

This customer centric design demonstrates the benefits of successfully implementing customer culture to your business to enhance business performance.

Published by Electric Fish

Latest Edition 2019

We have seen a paradigm shift for the public sector over the last ten years as customers have come to expect service as good as, if not better than, that delivered by the private sector.

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